Ihtisham Kabir

I am a bird photographer and a birder. During a trip to Amazonas in July 2018 I used the services of Gabriel Leite as

 my birding (and overall) guide. He was excellent in every way. Before the trip he worked with me to understand my
preferences and suggested an overall itinerary. Well-organized, he took care of the paperwork needed to enter the two towers,
arranged for car rental and a 4×4 rental for the INPA portion, and the booking of hotels.

While outside, he searched diligently for the birds and used bird calls to attract them. His knowledge of Brazilian birds is superb

and of course he is an expert on bird calls and bird songs.

He is helpful and friendly and always goes out of his way to find another attraction. I am fortunate I found him and look

forward to using his services again. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.”