SUPREME TOUR (26 days)

One of the most fascinating tours in the world and surely one of the trips you will see the most endemics and probably the tour that you will drive the most as well. We travel approximately 8.000km in 26 days, crossing 7 Brazilian states. Although there is more than enough driving, the fantastic birds we see every single day will keep us motivated throughout the entire trip. We go from the endangered Gray-breasted Parakeet in Guaramiranga to the magnificent Banded Cotinga in Southern Bahia crossing a wide variety of biomes (Atlantic Forest, Caatinga, Cerrado, Campo Rupestre and more), habitats and special birds along the way. We could name one hundred incredible endemics that are possible on this trip but to keep it straight and simple we’ll name the ones on this cover: Lear’s Macaw (Canudos), Araripe Manakin (Chapada do Araripe), Hooded Visorbearer (Chapada Diamantina) and Blue-eyed Ground-Dove (Botumirim).

Download the Itinerary here