On this comprehensive trip throughout Northeast Brazil we will travel approximately 5.000km in 19 days, through a wide variety of habitats from Northeast Brazil, looking for the rarest birds in the Neotropics. We go from the endangered Gray-breasted Parakeet in Guaramiranga, crossing the threatened and rare birds in Pernambuco and Alagoas such as the Orange-bellied Antwren, to the magnificent Banded Cotinga in Southern Bahia. We could name more than a hundred incredible endemics that are possible on this trip but to keep it straight and simple we’ll name the ones on this cover: Araripe Manakin (Chapada do Araripe), Lear’s Macaw (Canudos), White-winged Cotinga (Porto Seguro), Seven-colored Tanager (Serra do Urubu/Murici).

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