Southeast Brazil Popular Tour: 17 DAYS

Welcome to the Popular Southeast! 

In this tour, we will visit São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro States where we can find great part of the Atlantic Forest endemics in the most traditional sites for birdwatching in Southeast Brazil. This itinerary includes two very special places: Itatiaia National Park and REGUA (Guapiaçu Ecological Reserve), where we will have the opportunity to see Itatiaia Spinetail and search for enigmatic Shrike-like Cotinga, respectively. As we are in the southeast the show of colorful tanagers, toucans and toucanets, parrots, woodpeckers and hummingbirds will be part of our days. Moreover, we cannot forget about the incredible antbirds, antpittas, woodcreepers, tapaculos and ovenbirds that live in this spectacular tropical forest. We wish you a great trip ahead. Have fun!

Difficulty level: medium. In most of the places there is very little walking. On 3-4 days of the trip there will be longer hikes that do not exceed 10km. Not a photo tour but there are very good photo opportunities throughout the trip.

Price: R$ 26.300,00

Single Supplement: R$ 2.890,00

Maximum group size: 8 people 

Set departure: October 20th to November 05th, 2024

Guide: Felipe Arantes

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